Hi, I'm Niki
Service Designer.
Workshop Lead.
About me
At my core I'm a human centred designer.

I bring creativity, calm, clarity and bucket loads of people skills to the innovation process.

My work is never far from a social initiative. If you're interested in improving people's lives we'll probably get on!
How can I help?
  • Service design
    I collaborate with people to
    co-design, develop and improve systems, services, programmes and learning experiences.
  • Facilitation
    I train, coach and work alongside teams to help them learn design thinking, research methods and to engage with a diverse range of people.
  • Research
    I research and evaluate social innovation projects and practice, and share findings in accessible ways.
Work undertaken in freelance and employed roles
in Service Design and Social Innovation
"I was excited to work with Niki for her design skills. What she brought, in reality, was far more than this. Her patient, thoughtful, humble and insightful perspective helped me shape and transition the entire organisation. Niki is a delight to work with."

Ben Pollard, CEO - Local Welcome
"An image's view can arise from the history of the use of media. Some images are viewed differently due to the use of different (new) media throughout times. For example: The result of using the computer to edit"

Fiona, Patient Advice & Support Service
"The cultural perspective involves the identity of symbols. The uses of words that"

Pascale Gayford, Refugee Action