Local Welcome
research & Mapping | co-design & testing | wireframing
Discovery and design sprints to update the value proposition, redesign onboarding journeys, website and toolkits
Local Welcome is a charity that helps local communities to host meals that make newcomers feel welcome. They find and connect leaders in communities around the UK to start and run meals with a focus on welcoming refugee communities.
The existing service aims to make volunteering as easy as possible but in doing so exceeds staff capacity and affects the potential of volunteers to do more. The operating model, together with a reliance on funding makes scaling unfeasible.
To reimagine an operating model that would make the organisation financially sustainable and return to its core values of empowering volunteers in ownership.
Work undertaken
Research & Mapping
  • One to one team conversations
  • User research analysis
  • Mapping existing volunteer journeys
  • Facilitated team workshops to agree 'principles of autonomy', used scenarios to understand operational possibilities in enabling more autonomy
  • Financial model review
Co-design & Wireframing
  • Ideation workshops on value proposition (business model canvas) and creating a financially sustainable membership model
  • Service blueprints created for new onboarding journeys, creating content guides and problem solving integrations with systems such as Hubspot and Donorbox
  • Co-design with leader group to test out and generate ideas
  • Wireframes for new website layout