Refugee Action
research | co-creation & Content design | wireframing
Co-production of a toolkit for the refugee sector to introduce and embed an early action approach
Refugee Action Good Practice team supports the refugee sector by listening to their needs and supporting them to embed and share good practice.

One of their cornerstone projects, the Early Action programme, encourages a preventative approach using the key principles of enabling long term change, building services that empower, and using co-production, collaboration and experimentation.
Early Action project partners wanted to help others in their organisation and ecosystem to understand and use an Early Action approach. Significant learning content had been generated over the years for example through blogs, videos, conference workshops but these were not in an accessible format.
To develop a self-directed toolkit of materials for delivery by Service Planners or staff in similar roles in refugee organisations.
Work undertaken
  • Interviews with partners
  • Map of existing content
  • Facilitation of workshop with partners to play back insights
Co-creation & content design
  • Ideation workshops with partners
  • Co-creation of materials with partners and Refugee Action
  • Testing of materials with partners
  • Wireframes for toolkit content and webpage IA
A webpage with downloadable resources including slide decks, worksheets and delivery guidance notes. The toolkit was split into three modules, each with three sections. Users can select from these and build their own workshop.

Materials include - an introduction to the key principles, an assessment tool, case studies and discussion activities, and workshops using the design process to help plan using the approach.